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Selecting an Agency

Selecting a Detective Agency

At Prime Research Investigations, we try to anticipate any questions you might have about our services and provide the answers listed below. But, to discuss further, please feel free to call us at (770) 529-8888.

Why hire an investigator?

There are a variety of reasons why investigators are hired. For example, you might need to identify any suspicious behaviors in a family member or businesses might hire investigators to provide background checks for prospective employees and to provide investigated assistance concerning employee loyalty, honesty, and ethical work habits.

How many investigators are needed?

Sometimes it is necessary to use two or more investigators. The number of investigators should be agreed upon before the surveillance starts and there is usually a charge  incurred per investigator.

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What does each service include?

Before employing a detective agency, make certain you understand what is included in those services. For example, personal surveillance with possible dishonest acts by your spouse that could affect your marriage, is a cost-effective tool that involves observing and filming your spouse's activities and when conducted legally, the surveillance recording can be used in a court of law. It will also help your attorney bring your case into a more settlement thinking frame of mind.

With surveillance for insurance companies, a claimant's activity is covertly observed and recorded allowing the carrier to compare the results to the claimant's allegations of disability. With evidence in hand, the insurance carrier can confirm malingering while other times it may help confirm disability.

Businesses use surveillance to help fight employee fraud. With employee dishonesty affecting the bottom line, surveillance is a cost-effective tool used to control company profits. And, with inventory shortage not covered by insurance policies, surveillance is one way to help deter employee theft. With surveillance, businesses can be protected while recording employee's activities on company paid time either at the business premises or away.

Surveillance services should always include a written report as well as a digital report. At Prime Research Investigations, we take pride in preparing our reports with professionalism and integrity as if it could be used in a court of law and always keeping in mind how your case would look in front of a jury.  

How do I choose the right agency?

Before you hire a detective agency, find out how long the agency has been in the business and contact your state department to see if they are licensed to do business in your state. Also, ask for a Certificate of Insurance showing the detective agency is carrying the proper insurance. At Prime Research Investigations, we carry a million-dollar General Liability policy and is available for review upon request.

What are the service fees?

Fees charged by detective agencies will vary from agency to agency and from state to state, so be sure that you understand the costs involved. Typically, a retainer is required before any work is begun and expenses incurred such as travel will be charged. Detective agencies charging only $60.00 an hour may produce a much larger bill than one charging $90.00 an hour. Be sure to go over with the agency how you will be charged. 

Proposals are based on an estimated cost plus any extra expense incurred such as but not limited to: Duplicate copies of your report (You should get one copy for free); postage; parking; courier; and express mail, just to name a few. Below is an example of Prime Research Investigations "Charge for Surveillance" and rates are subject to change without notice:

Charge for Surveillance: (Below is an estimate only and the actually surveillance will determine the charged rate and required retainer fee.)

Retainer Fee...................................$1,500.00 (Georgia only)

First Investigator............................$90.00 per hour (Georgia only)

Second Investigator.......................$45.00 per hour (Georgia only)

Third Investigator...........................$45.00 per hour (Georgia only)

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